Join us for an interactive three-week program to help you discover your “next” in your personal journey with God.


Week 1: Embrace the Journey

Whether we realize it or not, we are on all on a spiritual journey. There are two things you need to know on any journey:

  1. Where We Are Now
  2. Where We Go Next

Week 1 will help you identify where you are spiritually and how to connect your story with God’s story.

Week 2: Connect with God | Connect with People

Once you know where you are on your spiritual journey, you need to figure out where to go next. Creating healthy spiritual habits is a great place to start. We will explore some practical ways to connect with God through the Bible and prayer, and we will feature different opportunities with Northview Groups as a way to connect with others.

Week 3: Live on Purpose

You were created on purpose for a purpose. During this week, we’ll help you discover how God has wired you so you can lean into your spiritual gifts and learn to live a generous life.